Poetry Month Day 29: Signs

This evening
I saw
out the doors of my gym
a sun shower
and after showing
a six year-old how
wonderful the smell of rain is

I dodged the drops
to my car
all the time looking
at the contrasting steel gray sky

Knowing this was the
perfect time and place
for rainbows.

I craned my neck
as I walked,
then drove,
how there could
be one anywhere

And then it hit me
that there are some times
we want signs
we pray for them
and search for them
but that won’t make them appear

I drove north
and was doubly rewarded
so I’m not sure if it’s a sign
to be guarded in my sign-seeking
or if it’s a sign
that maybe I shouldn’t
ever doubt
in the magic of signs

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4 Responses to “Poetry Month Day 29: Signs”

  1. thewriteapple Says:

    Never doubt in the magic of signs! I’m glad your rainbow appeared for you. Also, I love how you taught the 6 year old about the smell of rain. I could smell it as I read your poem…love that smell!

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Right? I was surprised that she hadn’t smelled it before, because she was talking about how much she loved rain. Now, hopefully, she has something new to love about it.

  2. Raivenne Says:

    ever doubt
    in the magic of signs”

    “Seek and ye shall find…” my sister. Faith is rewarded on His schedule, not ours.

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