A Long, Long, Day

So THIS would be why I didn’t have kids come down to my room today:

Sorry kids, we'll be using an *alternate* location for a while...

Even though the water itself was gone within a couple of hours, I was not sure whether or not I would make it back into my classroom to TEACH. I’m still not sure. So, I tried to grab whatever I might need for teaching for the rest of the week:

My classroom for the next who-knows-when

And what have I learned from this experience?

-I can think (and move!) really fast when I need to.

-It’s easy to have a decent attitude about these things in the wake of what’s going on in Alabama and Missouri.

-I have amazing colleagues. From my principal, who was first to arrive at the scene, kick off her heels and start hauling stuff, to the custodians from all over the district who swarmed in to take care of the flood, to the colleagues who offered help, kind words, and shoes, I am one lucky gal.

I also learned that you can never thank custodians too much. And nothing says "thank you" like a plate of yummy cookie deliciousness.

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

3 thoughts on “A Long, Long, Day

  1. Hey, I’m sorry about the flood, Lainie. What happened? Just your room or the entire lower level?
    Where did they move you to?
    Thinking about you. Do you need a helper-girl to drive up from N’ville and be your right-hand girl? I’ll gladly come and give you a day.

    1. Thanks, Sue. It was the lower level: the art room, the music room, the literacy office, and the auditorium. As of yesterday, things were all pretty okay and put up out of the water’s way. We’ll see what things look like after this latest round of rain.

      Thanks for the offer of help! I think I’m good to go, since things are pretty much packed up for me already. Now just to figure out what corners and hallways I’ll be teaching in for the next couple of weeks…

  2. You can come hang out in our room when you don’t have students!
    Why does the flooding always seem to happen on my off days? Nice post about our great colleagues, though.

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