Poetry Month Day 30: Winding Down

All of the tasks about me are stacking upI’ve made and abandoned my to-liststhere is email waiting, work to gradeand please don’t ask about laundryor the comments and the postsOh, to inhale poemAnd exhale reliefAll I need arethe right wordsbut first –sleep Y’all, it’s been a long month. It’s been trying. I’ve been tested inContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 30: Winding Down”

Poetry Month Day 29: Signs

This eveningI sawout the doors of my gyma sun showerand after showinga six year-old howwonderful the smell of rain is I dodged the dropsto my carall the time lookingat the contrasting steel gray sky Knowing this was the perfect time and placefor rainbows. I craned my neckas I walked,then drove,scouring,searching,wonderinghow there couldNOTbe one anywhere AndContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 29: Signs”

Poetry Month Day 28: There Are Worse Things

than the obvious sources of joy: a box that arrivesout of the bluewith an armful of booksand a brainfull of ideas or a pupper who plays,overjoyedwith absolutelyeverysingle toy she can find(especially when they squeak) the smell of lilacscoming to mein odd wavesas I step out of the caror turn the corner around the block andContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 28: There Are Worse Things”

Poetry Month Day 27: Once Upon A Time

Of the ohsomanysoapboxes I yell from,there’s one that lies at the bottomthe one upon whichall others stand It’s the one I first uncoveredin the dimly-lit museumat the base of the Gateway Archas I listenedraptto the storyteller and I couldn’t even tell youwho it wasand I couldn’t even tell youwhat they toldjustthat I wanted to beContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 27: Once Upon A Time”

Poetry Month Day 26: Bouquet, Interrupted

A single dandelionis just a weed,poking its spiky leavesright where it hasno business being and yet a field of themis a wonder to behold,I thought as I gazed at thecarpet of yellow and greenon my way in fromtoday’s fire drill. And then I saw her,her kindergarten fingersclutched clumsilyaround the stemsshe pickedand held while she wasContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 26: Bouquet, Interrupted”

Sunday Sit-Down #14:

Each Sunday, I’m working my way through my experiences with race. I’ll share stories and memories from throughout my life. I know I’ll encounter moments of growth that I wish I could relive. I’ll also have to think back on choices that I wish I could remake. Come join me each week. I remember inContinue reading “Sunday Sit-Down #14:”

Poetry Month Day 24: Repairing the World

There was a lot that I enjoyed about writing today’s poem. For one, it came as a surprising counterbalance to yesterday’s post. I also gathered inspiration from my time today with an incredible group of educators through the Just Schools Cohort. The work my colleagues do inspires me to do better, to be better. That,Continue reading “Poetry Month Day 24: Repairing the World”

Poetry Month Day 23: Draft Form

The poem I wanted to writewas an apology to my studentsbecause today I was crabby and impatient and how at first I thought it was abouttechnology(because technology) and not about how there is so much about me that is broken and not about the outragethat day after day after daypeople are shot first and foughtContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 23: Draft Form”

Poetry Month Day 21: On Opportunity

They say, sometimes,that when God closes a doorHe opens a window (and yes I know gender is a construct) but what I really want to say is that sometimeswhen God closes a doorwhat’s really meant is for you to stay at home,look around this place and sayheyI kind of like this placemaybe I’ll spruce itContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 21: On Opportunity”