Sunday Sit-down #3: The Neighborhood

Olivette was good to me growing up. So was Stoneyside Lane. I knew that I could always go wandering around, exploring my neighborhood or the streets around me. I knew how much fun it was to walk into town and visit the stores up there. I knew that there was always a mix of blackContinue reading “Sunday Sit-down #3: The Neighborhood”

Slice of Life: Pre-Emptive Gratitude

We don’t have a snow day today, and I’m about as happy as a wet cat. Something deep within me ached for a day back at home, even if it still involved a full day of classes and meetings. The thought of getting up early, bundling up, clearing off the car, of navigating barely passableContinue reading “Slice of Life: Pre-Emptive Gratitude”

Sunday Sitdown #2: And So It Begins

Where does my racial story begin? At my own birth?At the first moments I can remember?The very first time I noticed people were different? Or with Parents andGrandparents,With the many ways they interacted withWithoutAboveOthers who were different?(All while they tried hardSo very hardTo become the not-different themselves) How can I evenStartTo explain my own upbringingContinue reading “Sunday Sitdown #2: And So It Begins”

A Teacher’s Guide to Inauguration in 36 Easy Steps

or, Reflections from the Evening of January 19, 2021: How to Manage to Stay Afloat for the Next Eighteen Hours and Hold up the Walls of the World While it Watches, Waits, Breathless Pull yourself away from noise. Pet your dog. If you don’t have a dog, pretend to have a dog. Drink something warm.Continue reading “A Teacher’s Guide to Inauguration in 36 Easy Steps”

Sunday Sitdown #1: Here I Go

I’m a member of my school district’s newfound committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.* For our last meeting, we were asked to compose a racial autobiography, to craft a reckoning of our experiences with race and identity. (Check out the Pacific Educational Group to learn about their work!) There were a LOT of questions. AndContinue reading “Sunday Sitdown #1: Here I Go”

Why I’m in the Living Room

watching the British Bake Showand not in the family roomwatching TVat the end of a long dayright by my husbandis because after enough timestanding on my feetrubbing my eyestaking a breathshaking my head as Istare at the world about me I have decidedthat I am donewatchingfictional shows about the real world

One Little Word…For Now

I’ve been a member of the Slice of Life writing community for nine months now. It’s been a source of inspiration, support and validation as I work to become braver in my writing. As time goes on, I learn more about the rituals and traditions that “slicers” have. Most recently, I learned that each NewContinue reading “One Little Word…For Now”