Long Day

Today was hard. It was long, and it felt heavy in my hand and in my heart. It was full of colleagues, and students, and friends, and family members, who are struggling in one direction or another, and who needed time and love and attention and compassion. And I gave it, in one direction orContinue reading “Long Day”


As we scroll through our newsfeedsAnd text one anotherAnd see post after post after postAnd listen to the newsAnd speak to one anotherOf her passing – As we mourn her presenceIn our world, her strengthIn the face of adversity, her voice,Silent – As we claim her lossWith our own grief – As we rememberHer workHerContinue reading “Requiem”

So…How Are You?

“Plugging along.”“About as well as I can be.”“Chugging along.”“Just fine, which is all about any of us can ask.” These words come out of my mouth repeatedly. Perhaps you find yourself giving the same responses. To tell you the truth, that really is where I am. I’m…okay, I guess. I’m doing fine, which is perhapsContinue reading “So…How Are You?”

Stepping Back Up to the Soapbox

I have a lot of soapboxes to stand on when it comes to education. I mean…c’mon. Just look at the name of my site. It’s easy to get riled up about things when you feel as passionately I do about teaching, when you have as much faith in public schooling as I do. One ofContinue reading “Stepping Back Up to the Soapbox”

Joy in the Time of COVID

So many moments of wonder,Of joyTo hold high and to honor – A real live letter from a student pen palColleagues who find strength in one anotherThe college son who just feels like a chatBlue skies, uninterruptedA new recipe that worksWalks with friendsWatching people you love do what they love All these moments of wonder,OfContinue reading “Joy in the Time of COVID”