Right now, I’m wrestling. I’ve gotten such a good thing going with posting online, with writing every day, with cultivating a writing community around me. It’s made me a better writer. It’s made me more confident. It’s allowed me to shed the yoke of perfectionism that keeps me from putting my work out into theContinue reading “Tug-of-War”


Because I do not knowhow to leave well enough alone Because the shedding of one obligationoften just meansit is time to don another And because there will neverevereverbe a timewhen I feel I havedone enoughwhen I feel I am enoughfor my students I have begunanother venture:offering to be pen palsto thosewho cravehumaninteractionthrough REAL LIVE LETTERSinContinue reading “Send-Off”

This Is Just To Say*

I have turned inthe paperthat was formy class and whichyou were probablywonderingwhen I’d finish Congratulate meit was my last oneso happyand so done *after William Carlos Williams Yes, today I hit “send” on the final term paper of my second graduate school degree. And while I wasn’t originally planning on making it the subject ofContinue reading “This Is Just To Say*”

How is it Possible

How is it possible that I’ve gone four full days without writing something new? At the beginning of March, I committed to myself that I would write every day. And to tell the truth, I’ve been pretty great about maintaining that commitment to myself. So what gives? It’s not a lack of time. Although workContinue reading “How is it Possible”

What’s in a Question?

Today I was walking and talking with my niece from California. I love that we can still find a way to spend time together, albeit separated by two time zones. I’ll be honest. Whenever I speak with her, it’s a recharge of my spiritual batteries. She’s a wonderful person and I always feel better whenContinue reading “What’s in a Question?”

Life with Teens, Exhibit R

Teenagers are cats. Try and chase them down. They’ll scurry off into their respective corners with a hiss. Better to stay the course knowing that at some point, they’ll come out on their own terms. Mostly for food, but sometimes you get lucky. Today started with a heated argument over the Monty Hall problem. TheContinue reading “Life with Teens, Exhibit R”

The Important Thing (Hope)

I’ve written several poems inspired by Margaret Wise Brown’s The Important Book. My principal asked me to share a poem on a given theme for our poetry month celebration, and I realized I haven’t yet written a poem on that theme. So I’m going to give it a go. I might like what I write.Continue reading “The Important Thing (Hope)”

Marking Time

Today marks five years since my brother’s passing. Five years since I was working with my husband thinning out the hostas on an unseasonably warm April Saturday and I got the call that my brother was in the ER and that things didn’t look good, that I’d better come down quick. Five years since IContinue reading “Marking Time”

The Answer Is…

NO.No, I’m not posting a continuation of the story I started earlier this week.No, I’m not surprised that e-learning in our state now extends until June. YES.Yes, I’m glad I was “with” students when I heard.Yes, I’m heartbroken and sad. NO.No, I’m not quite sure entirely how I feel.No, I’m not sure where I’m goingContinue reading “The Answer Is…”

At the Edge of Wild, Part 2

You may want to read part 1 before this post. Or not. Who knows? It just may stand on its own. But I’m trying a hybrid fiction-poetry piece, and to be honest? I’m kind of digging it. she satthere,a pixelsuggesting a curve in the road, away from her linesand her listsand her rulesand her placesandContinue reading “At the Edge of Wild, Part 2”