Going with Plan B

I wasn’t going to have them watch it. As part of my daily blogroll, I came across the wordless animated short “How to Wait for a Very Long Time,” and the first thing I thought as I looked at the title was, “This will be a quick way to teach my kids patience and persistence.” AndContinue reading “Going with Plan B”

The Premiere! World Takeover Day

  You know, as a teacher, I’m never quite sure which ideas will go in one ear and out the other, and which ones will take hold. Several months ago, my fifth graders and I were talking about the power that we each individually have. I joked that we should each look in the mirror inContinue reading “The Premiere! World Takeover Day”

Putting Myself Out There: Part 1

Oh heavens. What a slippery slope. It starts with sharing this video about the typewriter orchestra with my young writers. And then a conversation about how musicians see the music in everything. And how poets see the poetry in everything. “Mrs. Levin, that would be cool to do.” “Yeah, it would.”… “Hey…I have an idea.Continue reading “Putting Myself Out There: Part 1”

When the Writing Gets Tough

First of all, happy poetry month! Those of you who read my blog know that I enjoy writing alongside my kids. I like to share my work and my struggles with them. The week before break, I asked the kids to take on an ambitious poem: to title and write a piece about an importantContinue reading “When the Writing Gets Tough”