This I Believe

At the very heart of things, I am a classroom teacher. My vision for schools is firmly rooted in my core beliefs about  education.

I believe in public schooling as a cornerstone of American society.

I believe that teaching is the greatest job in the world, and that children are the best co-workers in the world.

I believe that 90% of teaching is providing for the social and emotional safety of children. The rest will fall into place if those needs are met.

I believe that great teachers and principals do not construct a school community; rather, they facilitate its creation with staff, students and families by uniting them towards a common vision and purpose.

I believe a strong school community is a parallel of a strong classroom community. Many of the principles that build effective classrooms also build strong schools.

I believe that people have immeasurable potential. The motivation and power to achieve lies within; it’s merely my job to help discover it and let it fly.

I believe that a learning community extends beyond the classroom, that students, staff, and parents alike deserve the joy and unique rewards that challenge can provide.

I believe that a healthy school classroom and school culture are the product of respect, mutual trust, collaboration and shared power.

I believe that outstanding teachers and administrators balance decisiveness and action with patience and perspective.

I believe I have more to learn from others than they have to learn from me.

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5 Responses to “This I Believe”

  1. Pat Says:

    Can I copy this and use it as my own? No, wait! That’s against copyright law! Lainie, this is so profound. I love how you think. 🙂

  2. Tammy Krohn Says:


    Well spoken! If every teacher and administrator thought like you do what a world this would be!

    Abby had a teacher last year that understood how the heart affects learning and Abby had a great year. I am going to home school Abby this year but my decision isn’t because of the teachers she’s been blessed to have. I received a solid public school education and am thankful for it.

    You have a gift and it is also your job – what a blessing!

    Thank you for you being you. You rock!

    Love ya,

  3. Workinprogress Says:

    You speak for all of us, and quite eloquently I might add. 🙂

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